Emerging Markets

I spent more than three and a half years working as a reporter in Moscow. For most of that time, I was a reporter in the Dow Jones Newswires Moscow bureau, covering macroeconomics, the central bank, and debt restructuring, as well as covering stories in Ukraine and Georgia. I have maintained my interest in emerging markets, but have expanded my scope to write about the Middle East, China and Africa as well as the former Soviet Union. Here is some of my work:

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Ernst & Young

“Islamic finance offers capital opportunities”-Capital Agenda Insights

“Emerging markets take centre stage,” –Transaction Advisory Services


Dow Jones

The New Economy: Entrepreneurship – Russian Credit Programs Spur Small Enterprise” – The Wall Street Journal Europe 

Rosy Russian Indicators Mask Delicate Situation” – The Wall Street Journal Europe 

Ukraine Agriculture Stuck In Time Warp As Reforms Stall” – Dow Jones Newswires

“Georgia’s Economic Reforms Stumble” – The Wall Street Journal Europe 


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