About Me

I like to talk to people… Every work day is different and I prefer it that way. I became a journalist because I enjoy the challenge of both telling stories and making complicated topics more accessible. I have more than 20 years of experience as a writer, editor and inveterate traveller.

What I Do

My professional journey has not been a linear one, but I always have my next destination in mind. I built up my financial reporting skills in New York, Moscow and London, acquiring substantial expertise in covering emerging markets and the energy sector along the way.

As a freelance writer over the past decade, I have specialized in writing about healthcare and health system transformation, building on my broader understanding of financial markets and the evolving economic environment. I am comfortable taking on a range of commissions, from short features to more in-depth reports.

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Although my main areas of focus have been healthcare and copywriting in the areas of finance and M&A, I have also written periodically about energy, emerging markets and science over the past ten years. Follow the links below to see my work in these areas.

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